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Why Washington is still paying for the border wall

A new report shows that President Donald Trump has yet to provide the money he promised for the U.S.-Mexico border wall that would cost tens of billions of dollars.

The report comes as Congress prepares to debate a $1.6 trillion funding package.

The White House says the funding will be “a critical component” of a long-term border security strategy.

Trump announced in June he would begin building the wall along the southern border with Mexico, a measure that he called a “once in a generation project.”

But Congress has not yet approved any spending package.

While some Democrats and Republicans have supported building the border fence, others have been skeptical of building it at all.

Republicans have sought to paint the wall as a government spending boondoggle, and Trump has said he will be ready to use the money if it is used to pay for the wall.

The Border Patrol estimated the cost of the border barrier at about $19 billion.

But the report found that if Congress is willing to spend at least $200 billion more, it could be covered through border security spending.

The agency said in a statement that its analysis of the report showed that the $200-billion figure is an overestimate.

The $200 trillion figure includes $45 billion to cover the cost to build a fence along the border, as well as $45.7 billion for border-related operations.

The study also showed that $30 billion would cover the costs for building the fence, including $20 billion for unmanned aerial systems, $5 billion for additional equipment and $3 billion for hiring more Border Patrol agents.

The remaining $11 billion would be used for other border-security initiatives.

The bureau estimated that the border will be closed by 2023.

A report from the Office of Management and Budget found that the cost for the construction of the wall is about $200 million.

The OMB said that the government would have to spend about $1 trillion to complete the border border wall, including the costs of hiring and paying for Border Patrol personnel, construction of other infrastructure and maintenance.

The border wall would cost about $10 billion, according to the OMB.

The estimate of the cost includes the cost from the Border Patrol to hire and pay for agents, as it does for the fence.

The government could still cover some of that cost by using its existing appropriations, OMB found.

The Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is responsible for running the border and overseeing enforcement operations.

Customs and border agents are deployed at the border at the U-turn checkpoint. | AP Photo

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