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Money Guide Charity Why the first-ever women-focused ‘Capital One’ video has everything to do with money

Why the first-ever women-focused ‘Capital One’ video has everything to do with money

This isn’t your average Capital One video.

This is a video about money.

The video was produced by the nonprofit, Capital One, which is the company behind the $2.7 billion deal that brings its brand to the digital platform.

The Capital One Women’s Care initiative aims to offer the best care to women and families at a fraction of the price of traditional healthcare.

The company has partnered with top healthcare professionals in the U.S. and abroad to create a video that explores the intersection of gender and health care.

Capital One has also partnered with a number of leading companies, including The National Women’s Law Center, to create new videos that highlight the impact of the Women’s Equality Act and the Affordable Care Act, according to Capital One.

The Women’s Healthcare video will be released on Capital One’s YouTube channel in the coming days, according.

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