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Money Guide Features Why did I stay?

Why did I stay?

I stayed because I wanted to be a part of the history.

My father is a geologist and I wanted that experience and I was in a position where I could be there.

I’m not sure if it was a great experience, but it was one of the things that I really wanted to do.

I did go to a lot of different schools.

I was studying for a masters degree at Cambridge University.

I ended up going to Glasgow.

It was a really great university.

I went to a university that is one of those that has always been in the forefront of science and engineering.

I’ve worked for some of the big companies that are located in Glasgow.

Glasgow is one the most beautiful cities in Scotland.

You can see the sea, you can see mountains and you can get to the beach.

I would have loved to have had that experience but I think it was the right time.

It has a lot going for it.

I like being here.

I think Glasgow is a really interesting place to be in, you know, it’s a city that’s just a beautiful place.

You could do a lot worse than Glasgow.

There are so many great places to go.

The airport, it has a lovely airport and you could spend your whole day there.

There’s so many options out there.

It’s one of these places that’s so diverse.

I love being here, it just brings me so much joy.

I miss the people here.

The city is amazing and I’m glad I’m still here.

It feels really good to be around it, to be able to see it, hear it.

That’s a really good feeling.

I feel really lucky to be here and I love it here.

If there was a place I could go back to, it would be Glasgow.

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