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When will Jordan be home?

Jordan’s capital city of Eilat, Israel, has seen its share of the turmoil over the past month as the region’s economic and political turmoil continue to fester.

The Israeli capital is currently embroiled in a diplomatic standoff with the Palestinian Authority (PA) over a disputed land swap deal.

Eilat has been hit hard by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the Israeli army has repeatedly clashed with Palestinian security forces.

A series of high-profile attacks on Israeli soldiers and settlers in Eilate have been blamed on Palestinian militants, with a Palestinian sniper killed by Israeli soldiers in the past week.

In recent weeks, Israeli officials have been stepping up pressure on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who has been in office since the death of his predecessor Yasser Arafat in 2000.

As the conflict in the Middle East intensifies, the PA is in a difficult spot, with an increasingly tense relationship with Israel, and its economy struggling under a $3.2bn loan.

A spokesperson for the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO), which represents the Palestinian people, has recently told the Israeli media that negotiations between Israel and the PA were “not going well” and that a compromise was needed to “free” Eilata from the occupation.

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