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Money Guide Charity The most influential GOP governors in the U.S.

The most influential GOP governors in the U.S.

Republican governors in all 50 states have declared a state of emergency in their states in the wake of a series of deadly hurricanes.

The governors say they’re taking action to ensure they can meet the state’s medical needs and fight wildfires.

The list of GOP governors who have declared emergencies in states where there has been a catastrophic hurricane or other major natural disaster is below.

The Governors Association of the United States says it’s the first time the group has included governors from both parties in the list.

The Associated Press lists Florida’s Scott, Texas’ Perry, Texas Gov.

Greg Abbott and Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell as the top five.

Texas Gov, Greg Abbott, said Tuesday that he had called the governors association’s president to request help from the governor and the legislature to “re-assess and improve” the state of Texas’ disaster response.

The AP reported that Abbott also said he is considering a proposal for state aid to help the victims of a wildfire in western Kentucky that burned through more than 500 homes and killed seven people in the last 24 hours.

Abbott also announced plans to create a new task force to help state and local officials fight the wildfires that are ravaging western Kentucky and other parts of the state.

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday that his state had declared a major disaster, saying he is putting together a statewide emergency response plan that will be made public Wednesday.

Cuomo said he also plans to hold a meeting with the mayors of New York City and other New York towns to determine the extent of their local aid needs.

The governor has also ordered emergency declarations for some of the largest cities in New York, including Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

Cuomo also said his administration will work with FEMA to assess the damage caused by Superstorm Sandy, which dumped more than $100 billion in damage on New York and other coastal areas in the fall.

McConnell, a member of the Senate Republican Conference, said his state has been dealing with catastrophic weather since Harvey struck in Texas, and that there is a growing consensus among state officials that it is the time to act.

“We’re going to do what we can,” McConnell said.

“We’re not going to be paralyzed.

We’re not.

We’ll be prepared to deal with this situation and we’re going for a state-wide emergency that we’re determined to have.

And we will.

And when we get there, I promise you we will be doing everything in our power to make sure we can meet our emergency needs.”

The Associated Americans reports that Oklahoma Gov.

Mary Fallin declared a disaster for a fourth time Tuesday.

Fallin said she is coordinating with FEMA and the governor’s office to “develop a plan for managing a national response” and to make recommendations on what federal resources to use in states and localities affected by disasters.

The Associated Statesman reports that New York Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday he has called the leaders of his two Democratic rival candidates in the upcoming election for help to “combat the unprecedented nature of this crisis.”

The Democratic Governors Association also is urging Cuomo to “lead a coordinated and comprehensive federal response to this devastating natural disaster,” including the hiring of FEMA’s Disaster Response Team and the hiring and training of state and community leaders.

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