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Money Guide News The capital of Russia’s capital, Riga, gets a capital city name

The capital of Russia’s capital, Riga, gets a capital city name

Riga (AP) — The capital city of Russia will get a capital name.

The Russian capital’s name will be capital of Riga.

It was named after the capital city and region of Latvia, which is part of the Russian Federation, the State Duma, the lower house of Russia is expected to adopt the new name Thursday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected in Riga on Friday.

Riga’s capital city is now Riga Oblast, which means the capital of the Oblast region of Belarus.

The capital of Estonia will get the new capital city moniker of Tampere, the capital and region in Finland.

The capital is Tamperes capital city, which translates to Tamperen, or Tamperem in Finnish.

The new capital of Lithuania will get its capital city’s name from the capital cities of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, the parliament said Thursday.

The name of the capital will be Vilnius, meaning the capital in Lithuania, according to the Russian government.

The newly created capital of Luxembourg will be known as Luxembourg, meaning its capital in Luxembourg, according the European Commission.

The European Parliament will vote on the new names Friday.

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