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The Capital murder trial of Steez is ‘very far away’, lawyer says

Steez was convicted of murdering former student and former girlfriend, Samantha Lee, in her apartment on January 29, 2014.

She was found in her bed in her home by police after she was reported missing.

She was found unresponsive in the bathroom of her apartment.

The trial began on Monday, and will last several weeks.

A Crown barrister argued there was no evidence to support Steez’s claim he was targeted because of his religion.

Steez was originally charged with the murder of the teenager, but prosecutors moved to withdraw the murder charge after a coroner ruled she was murdered because of her religion.

A number of witnesses have come forward to support his version of events, including Steez himself.

Lee’s sister, Jennifer Lee, told the court the case had taken a toll on Steez.

“It’s just very difficult,” she said.

Ms Lee said she was shocked and upset that she had to go to court.

“[Steez] has been so brave, but it’s been hard on me because I’ve been with him for so long,” she added.

After Steez appeared at the court, his lawyer said he had no comment on the case and did not wish to speak to reporters.

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