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Money Guide Events Recode editor on the worst-case scenario for Tesla, Intel and Samsung

Recode editor on the worst-case scenario for Tesla, Intel and Samsung

A reader asked us to investigate the potential impact of a possible takeover of the world’s biggest tech companies by Chinese tech giants.

Here’s what you need to know.1.

The Worst-Case Scenario Is More Likely to Happen Than You Think1.1: The Best-CaseScenario Will Be A Very Big DealIf Tesla Motors is indeed in serious trouble, it could mean a lot of trouble for Intel, Samsung and other tech giants in the US and China.

If it does happen, the fallout could be huge for Apple and other Silicon Valley giants that make up the backbone of Apple’s business.

Apple could lose $10 trillion worth of revenue in the next decade.

It could also see a massive slowdown in the adoption of Apple products in China.

That could also hurt the Chinese economy, which has been suffering for years under the effects of the economic slowdown.

It’s worth noting that Apple’s share of the US market, worth about $11.6 trillion, is actually smaller than that of Samsung.

Apple and Samsung have had a long-standing rivalry.

In the 1990s, Apple was the dominant player in the smartphone market.

Now it’s Samsung, which dominates the tablet market.

In 2020, Apple is projected to have about 20 percent of the tablet-and-phone market.

This means that in 2020, Samsung will own a whopping 40 percent of tablets.

Apple is also the world leader in mobile computing.

In 2018, it had more than 90 percent of all smartphones in the world, and in 2020 it will have about a third of all tablets.

Apple is also one of the biggest producers of software in the mobile industry, which makes it particularly vulnerable to a takeover.

In the long run, a takeover could be very bad for Apple.

According to a McKinsey report, the company could lose at least $100 billion over the next 15 years.

But in 2020 when the stock market is at its highest point, the stock price could be about $6,800 higher than it is now.

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