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Pope Francis’ naked capitalism: What is it?

Pope Francis will have the last word on his first major public speech since assuming the papacy on June 1, but the full text of the address is still not available.

Francis will outline his vision of the future for the Catholic Church and the world at large, in a rare public address that is expected to be packed with economic and social policy details.

His first speech on the papal throne was titled, “My Plan for the Church,” and he called on the Catholic world to find its own way, rather than follow in the footsteps of “economic and political liberalism.”

The full text is expected on the pope’s official website on Monday.

The speech will also be available online in English, Italian and Spanish.

The pope will outline a vision of a more humane and equitable world, one that includes a new “social justice” and “ecological transformation,” according to the text.

He will call for the development of a “new world order,” with the goal of making the world a more hospitable place for people to live and work.

“It is the great task of the Church to open up a new world order, one based on justice and solidarity, based on compassion and dignity,” Francis will say, according to his prepared text.

Francises words about the future of the Catholic faith are a departure from his predecessor Benedict XVI’s papacy, which focused more on preaching moral values to the world and more on political power.

Francisses views of the world are often shaped by his political life, but he will be the first pope to focus on the future.

Pope Francis will not be giving any speeches before or after his first address, which is expected Friday.

The first of three speeches by Francis on the pontificate is expected after he meets with his cardinals on July 16, at the Vatican.

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