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Moroccans to vote in Morocco’s first presidential election

Moroccons will cast their ballot for President Michel Kafandjie on Sunday in the first presidential elections since the 2014 uprising against former ruler Ali Bongo.

The vote is expected to be held in the capital, Morocco’s second largest city.

The country’s electoral commission, known as CARAC, said it will issue around 1,000 provisional ballots.

The president will be inaugurated at 2:00pm (06:00 GMT) in the southern city of Giza, and will have to face off against a challenger to the Moroccan-born former prime minister, Ali Boubacar Keita.

The race will be held under Morocco’s new constitution, which calls for a national referendum on all political and economic issues.

It has been criticised by human rights groups, who have said it has been rushed through parliament without adequate safeguards.

The presidential race has been marred by allegations of widespread fraud, including widespread use of absentee ballots.

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