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How to pay for Uber without UberX in California

Uber, the ride-hailing service that offers ride-sharing service in California, is launching a new service in Arizona.

Uber’s Arizona UberX service, which allows drivers to use their own vehicles and not need a license to operate, will start in the state’s capital of Tucson, The Arizona Republic reported.

It’s part of a broader effort to offer drivers in Arizona the same type of transportation options as drivers in California.

The Arizona legislature passed a law last year that allows licensed drivers to operate in Arizona without a license, but Uber said it plans to offer ride-share services in the Arizona capital.

The company is not yet launching a statewide ride-service program, which requires drivers to have a license in order to operate.

Uber has been struggling to grow in the United States.

The California-based company said in December that it had lost $4.7 billion last year, a figure that rose to $6.4 billion this year, according to an analysis by Bloomberg News.

The stock dropped more than 8% to $39.30 in early trading on Thursday.

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