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How to make your own beer: The world’s best craft brewery

Capital University, the world’s top academic institution in the fields of brewing, food and technology, is the first university in India to open a beer brewery in its capital, New Delhi.

Capital University has been working with renowned craft brewery and food brand, Bier Goud, on an ambitious beer project, The Times Of India reported.

The venture is the second venture from Capital University in its new home, with the first being a project to build a food court at the college.

The campus, which is in the capital’s North Block, will house a beer garden and other amenities to cater to students’ interests, including yoga classes and dance classes.

The campus also will host a seminar on the “beer culture” and a conference on “beer, food, and the internet”.

The venture has attracted national and international media attention.

The project is a collaboration between Capital University and Bier and will see the two companies collaborating to make the beer that the college wants to be brewed.

The beer will be sold in the campus’s beer garden.

Capital University said the project will bring new life to the campus.

“This is the best part of Capital University’s existence.

We are happy to bring to life this dream,” an associate dean of students told The Times.

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