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How to install and configure Alexa for iOS 10 with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Now that you have Alexa installed on your Mac, you can start using the app to make more requests.

First, open up the app and tap the menu icon at the top left of the screen to open up a new menu.

Tap the “Settings” menu and then tap the “More” button.

In the next screen, you will be asked to set the location of your Alexa.

The default location is in the “Preferences” menu.

Select “Home” and tap “Add a Home” to add a new location for Alexa to see.

You can then add other location details for your home and other devices to your Alexa Home screen.

To set up multiple Alexa devices, tap the arrows in the top right of the “Home Screen” menu, tap “Set up Multiple Devices,” then tap “More.”

You will be prompted to confirm the settings before the app starts using the new location.

Once you have selected your desired location, Alexa will respond with a notification if your device is in range.

You will then be able to call the device to ask it to return the requested items.

To use your Alexa device for voice commands, go to the “Assistant” menu in the Alexa app.

The “Voice” option will appear in the list.

From there, tap a name for Alexa and the “Voice Commands” menu will appear.

Tap “Add.”

Then select “Alexa” to begin the voice command.

From here, you may need to enter your voice commands manually by tapping on the voice commands bar in the upper right corner.

Once Alexa recognizes your voice command, it will ask you a question.

This is done by tapping the “Ask” button in the lower left corner of the app.

Once the question has been answered, Alexa displays the answer.

You may need the “Ok” button to confirm your response.

To stop a call, simply tap the microphone icon in the menu bar.

You have access to Alexa’s advanced features that let you ask Alexa to perform tasks such as send you a text message or answer a call.

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