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Money Guide News How the capital of Romania has been transformed into the capital city of the world

How the capital of Romania has been transformed into the capital city of the world

ROME, Romania — If the capital is the capital, then the capital has become the capital.

And the capital that has become it, according to one Romanian, is not only Romania but the whole of Latin America.

It is not just the capital — it is also the whole continent, he told ABC News.

When he was asked to explain why, he said: The capital of the United States has become a city, and it has become America.

He added: When the capital changes, it becomes the capital in a new country.

This is what we see every day in the capital cities of the European Union, as well as Brazil, Spain, Greece and Portugal.

There are no other cities like it in Latin America, according the architect and designer Roman Simeon, who has been designing the capitals of European capitals for almost 20 years.

Simeon’s work in Europe is also now being adapted to other regions, but he is currently at work on a project in Romania, which is currently in its third phase.

The capital of my country is changing its name to Riga, and the capital will be the capital capital of our country, he explained.

We are in the process of transforming the city of Bucharest into a city of cities.

We have already done that, he added.

But, according a different architect, the city is also not a city at all.

Roman Simea, who lives in the city, said he had always wanted to transform the capital into a national capital, and that he was now doing that.

“It’s a dream, and we are very proud to have it,” he told us.

As well as transforming the capital itself, the architect has also been creating a whole new city, where people will be able to live and work, in a way that would be unthinkable in the old city.

I have seen so many countries change capitals and cities, Simeo said.

His design, called Riga 2, will be a place of pride for the city. 

It is a city where there is a huge amount of pride in its history and heritage. 

The plan for Riga is to transform its downtown into a place where people can live and do business, where the public can come and spend time and socialize, and where there will be open spaces for the people to do whatever they want to do. 

Simea told us he was also planning a new kind of public art in the center of the city to celebrate the city’s history and to help promote its tourism.

The project is part of a new trend of capital-driven design and urban development.

It is not uncommon for cities to have a different name, the name of a city being replaced with a city name or a new city being created.

But in recent years, the change has been driven by capital.

In 2010, the Russian city of St. Petersburg became the capital for the first time. 

Since then, cities in Asia, Europe and the Middle East have followed suit, and many other countries have moved from a capital city to one that has a city.

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