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Money Guide News How many of the US’s 50 richest people own homes in Canada?

How many of the US’s 50 richest people own homes in Canada?

This week’s edition of the Forbes Global 500 is on top of the latest in the annual list of the wealthiest Americans, with a new list of billionaires rising from No. 51 to No. 1, the top of a new ranking.

Here’s a look at the billionaires at the top and bottom of the list, as well as some new names to look out for.

Here are the billionaires who’ve made the list:1.

Andrew W. Mellon and his wife, MaryAnne, have a home in the Vancouver area, in the city’s south-west.

The couple owns a $2.3 billion home on the Vancouver Island and have made several investments in the area.2.

Jeff Bezos and his family own the Seattle-based

They own the majority of the company.3.

Charles and David Koch are one of the most influential conservatives in the U.S. They are major donors to conservative political campaigns and conservative causes, as is Charles Koch himself.4.

Richard DeVos owns the Michigan-based private equity firm Amgen, which owns Genentech, which was acquired by Pfizer for $1.7 billion.

DeVos has said he is a “very conservative” Republican.5.

Andrew Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, owns the fast-food chain Carl’s Jr.

He has said that the chain has a “small minority” of white workers, but the company’s revenue is largely made up of ethnic minorities.6.

Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook.

He has made a fortune through Facebook stock, with his net worth estimated at $31 billion.7.

James Simons owns a majority stake in the Cleveland Cavaliers, which have the highest payroll in the NBA, making it one of just four NBA franchises with more than $1 billion in payroll.8.

Michael Dell owns the computer hardware manufacturer Dell, a $3.2 billion company that manufactures computers for consumer electronics companies.

He also owns a stake in Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which makes the personal computers that the company sells to consumers.9.

Jeffrey Gundlach owns the investment bank Credit Suisse.

He founded Credit Suise with his wife in 1988.

The firm has investments in consumer-products and healthcare companies, as does his wife.10.

Jeffrey Skoll owns the hedge fund and hedge fund manager Skoll Capital Management.

He is worth an estimated $5 billion.11.

Larry Ellison owns the software giant Oracle.

He controls the majority stake.12.

Warren Buffett owns the publicly traded company Berkshire Hathaway.

He’s worth $18 billion.13.

Robert Mercer owns the private equity company Mercer Renaissance, which manages investments for other investors, including hedge funds and private equity firms.

He oversees investments in private equity companies, including Fidelity Investments, which has a stake.14.

James L. Gore owns the public-private partnership Southeastern Energy.

He owns stakes in two energy companies, Dominion Energy and PJM, and is a director of Dominion.15.

Michael Bloomberg owns the financial services firm Bloomberg LP.

He runs Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Television, which he has said will be the main news source for Bloomberg.16.

Howard Schultz owns the media company Univision, which is the most-watched cable network in the world.

He manages a stake of 25 percent.17.

Andrew Liveris, CEO and co-founder of General Electric, has said his company is “doing things differently.”

He’s also said that his company’s business has become more efficient and less expensive.18.

Howard Marks owns the clothing retailer Tommy Hilfiger.

He makes the most of the clothing that he sells, but he also owns shares of a fashion line owned by American Apparel, which sells clothes to clients around the world, including many fashion shows.19.

Tom C. Reynolds owns the auto parts manufacturer General Motors.

He and his father have said that their companies are not necessarily in the auto business.20.

Jeffrey Immelt, CEO, Berkshire Hathway, has called the company “a good company” and “an investment company.”

He also said Berkshire Hath-owned GE is “very important” to Berkshire Hathaways businesses.21.

Stephen Schwarzman owns the retail conglomerate Blackstone Group, which operates in the real estate and infrastructure industries.

He recently bought a stake for $30 million in the struggling hedge fund Blackstone Global Advisors.22.

Steve Wynn, billionaire and founder of Wynn Resorts International, owns a minority stake in MGM Resorts, the Las Vegas-based entertainment company that owns MGM Residences.

He previously owned a minority share of MGM Resort, which runs resorts and casinos in more than 40 countries.23.

Charles Schwab has a majority share in the mutual fund, Schwab Funds, which invests in private companies.24.

Jeffrey Katzenberg has a minority interest in Universal Studios, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros.

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