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Florida killer’s wife was murdered, cops say

NEW ORLEANS — A Florida killer is on the run after a 911 call revealed that her husband’s wife had been murdered, police said Monday.

In the call, a woman identified as Jennifer Gaudin said she saw a man, who police described as the killer, entering the house through a window.

She said the man then ran outside and shot her husband.

He then ran back into the house and killed his wife, according to police.

The call was made at 1:43 p.m.


Police identified the woman as 35-year-old Jennifer Goudin.

They said she was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

Gaudins husband, David, told police that she called him from the home in Florida about 5:40

Sunday and told him that her son had been stabbed, according the Florida Times-Union.

Goudins husband later told police he believed the two were killed during an argument, according The Times-Unions newspaper.

Police identified the dead man as 32-yearold David Gaudens.

He was shot in the head and killed by a homeowner who had come to the home to retrieve his son, the newspaper reported.

The newspaper reported that David Gouden’s mother, Mary Ann Gauden, had left Florida to visit her sister in New Orleans, and that Gaudes son had recently returned to Florida.

He has been identified as David Scott, a convicted felon who has been charged with murder and attempted murder.

Police said the Gauds have not yet been interviewed by detectives.

They are not seeking any other suspects.

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