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Money Guide Charity Chrysler Capital: Chrysler is now worth $21.6B

Chrysler Capital: Chrysler is now worth $21.6B

Chrysler Capital reported Tuesday that the Detroit automaker is now valued at $21,737 per share.

The report comes as analysts continue to price in another big deal: Ford’s acquisition of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for $4.7 billion.

That deal is worth $1.4 trillion, or more than half of Chrysler’s market value.

It’s also the largest acquisition of a U.S. automaker.

But analysts say the deal also gives Fiat Chrysler a foothold in the global auto market and could provide Ford with an opportunity to tap into the growing interest in electric cars and SUVs.

The company has been looking for ways to build a new electric vehicle brand in the U.A.E., where it currently makes the Chevrolet Spark.

It also is exploring new ways to expand its portfolio of small cars and minivans, as well as selling vehicles in Asia.

But there is concern that Ford will not be able to build as much demand for electric vehicles as it did with the Ford Focus, and that it may be less willing to spend on developing new technology.

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