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China’s Alibaba: Its CEO, CEO of its brand is a capital of the world?

Alibaba’s Alibaba, the global online retail giant, is known for its high-tech products, but its founder, Jack Ma, is also known for his philanthropy.

The Alibaba founder recently made headlines for donating $1 billion to the United Nations to help fund a relief effort for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Ma said that he wanted to make a difference, and the donation would give the UN and the relief organizations the opportunity to have a stronger voice.

In a statement, Ma wrote that the donation “is an example of our willingness to give to the world, regardless of our size, and is an expression of our desire to make our global community stronger, stronger and better.”

He added that Alibaba will use the money to support humanitarian relief and disaster relief efforts in the region, and to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

“This donation will enable us to focus on building a better world,” Ma wrote.

“The philanthropy of Jack Ma and Alibaba is a part of what makes our company great.”

Ma’s philanthropy has been under scrutiny since the company reported a loss of $13.7 billion for the year ended in September.

The company’s CEO, Jack the Ripper, who has also been a philanthropist, was found dead in a hotel room in San Francisco in August.

It’s unclear whether Ma’s death was related to the hurricane relief effort.

Alibaba is an online marketplace that has grown into a $5 trillion company, but has struggled to compete with, which owns and operates the largest online shopping empire in the world.

Ma has said that the Alibaba brand will remain a key part of Alibaba, and he recently wrote a book about the company’s vision and its founder.

“Alibaba is a symbol of the future and a model for the future,” Ma said in a statement.

“I want to be able to make this contribution and help the UN, which is really important for me.”

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