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Capital One CEO apologises after saying ‘I’m a vegetarian’

Capital One has apologised for the “unacceptable” tweet that sparked a global outcry about the airline’s policy banning meat.

“We are deeply sorry for the comments we made,” Chief Executive Officer David Berenson said in a statement on Friday.

“As we have said before, we do not discriminate against any customers based on religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or any other protected class.”

The statement added that the airline was “working closely” with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to ensure the “appropriate remedy is provided”.

Capital One said in its statement that it had “reassessed” its policy on “vegetarian” options and would now provide customers with the option to choose from “all or most” of its options.

In a statement to The New York Times, the airline said that it was “deeply sorry” for the tweet.

“While we don’t tolerate discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity or national origin, we have reviewed our policy and have added the vegetarian option to our selection of options,” it said.

“Capital One is committed to making Capital One as welcoming as possible to our diverse customer base.

Capital One is also committed to continuing to be a leader in the evolution of travel.”

Capital One was the first major US airline to introduce a vegetarian option in September 2015, and it is the only US carrier that allows its flights to include “vegan options”.

CapitalOne is currently the largest US airline with almost 1.5 million passengers.

The airline’s stock has gained more than 4% since the tweet, with the stock currently trading at $18.30.

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