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Bangkok: King Bhumibol greets US President Donald Trump

Bangkok, Thailand – King Bhemibol of Thailand on Tuesday greeted US President-elect Donald Trump at a meeting with US President Barack Obama in the capital.

The two men discussed a range of bilateral and multilateral issues and the economy.

King Bhumiburg met the US president in Bangkok on Tuesday at the end of his three-day trip to the country.

“I’m happy to meet President-Elect Trump and I wish him a good trip,” King Bhimberg said during the meeting, which was held in the Royal Palace.

Bhumibol is a longtime ally of US President George W Bush.

The king met Obama on Sunday at the presidential palace in Bangkok after Trump was inaugurated.

He was greeted by a throng of thousands of people, including many students and students from the royal family.

Last month, he attended a special meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which also included the presidents of Indonesia and Malaysia.

The US-Thai relationship has been strained by the election of Trump, who has said the country needs a “great leader” to restore stability.

Trump is expected to appoint a new secretary of state and secretary of defense before taking office in January.

The king, who heads a royalist faction in the ASEAN, said he was open to discussing new security and economic cooperation between the two countries.

Trump has previously criticised the monarchy, saying he wanted to make sure that the monarchy is respected.

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