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American Conservative: Why I’m not leaving the GOP

By The American Conservatives – 4.07.18 | Posted by The American Americans I’m leaving the Republican Party, the American Conservative has decided.

I can no longer endorse a candidate that has spent the past decade demonizing Mexicans, Muslims, women, blacks, gays, immigrants and anyone who doesn’t toe the party line.

The party’s policies and leadership have led us to a point where we have become too polarized, too divided, and too toxic to govern.

I have long thought that our country needs a party that represents all of us, and I have never been more disappointed in my party than right now.

I am retiring from the American Conservatives because it is time for a new party.

It is time to rebuild.

And I’m tired of being a pawn in the hands of the elites who are doing everything they can to thwart this transformation.

The American Conservative is a conservative publication based in Texas.

Its mission is to promote the conservative principles of individual liberty, limited government, limited regulation, limited competition, individual responsibility, limited foreign intervention, free enterprise and personal responsibility.

It was founded in 1996 by conservative author Ron Paul and former Congressman Ron Paul.

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